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Tefco International Co., Ltd.
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4/F, Shirakaba Bldg.,
Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa, 236-0053, Japan



What's your dream ?

My dream is to create a beautiful decorative individual letter, which impresses people. I have devoted myself to research & development of electroformed individual letter for 21 years since 1988. At the initial stage of development, I have struggled with 90% defectives, however, these days our products are well recognized by watch industry, electronics, automobile, mobile phone, cosmetic container and eyeglass.

I believe that, we have to keep dream alive to create a new product out of nothing. Having the following policies, we will keep moving forward to our goal.

  1. Seize inspirations!
  2. "Do anything" will bring you something, while "do not" will bring you nothing
  3. Breaking all the convention is the key to another invention
  4. You can find a piece of gem in large amount of defectives
  5. No product shines without sweat
  6. Living on the past glory stops any future progress

Hiroo Nakayama
Tefco Aomori Co., Ltd.
Tefco International Co., Ltd.